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Admin • Mar 02, 2021
Safety Helmets — Metuchen, NJ — J & E Metal Fabricators

 Sheet metal is an incredibly versatile metal. In fact, it's so versatile that it often gets used in a wide range of jobs and processes. If you work with sheet metal in any way, you must know how to stay safe around it. That way, all jobs can get done quickly, easily, and without injury to anyone.




Many different types of tools, equipment, and even machinery are often used with sheet metal. One of the most common types of machines is a sheet metal bending machine.


If you use one of these machines, read the instruction and operating manual thoroughly. Do this even if you have used such a machine before since each machine is different and operates in a unique way.


While it's all too easy to skip over this important step, it could ultimately keep you safe. You need to know exactly how the machine works in order to use it correctly.


Also, take care to inspect your machine for any issues before each use, and always let the machine run and warm up for a few minutes before using it. That way, if there are any problems, you will be aware of them before you start working with the machine.




One very common way in which people sustain sheet metal related injuries is by cutting their fingers on the sheet metal, often on the edges.


You can help to reduce the risk of a cut by smoothing out the sides of sheet metal you work with. If that's not possible, then take care never to run hands or fingers over the edges and to wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves, at all times when working with sheet metal.




Any workplace that deals with large pieces of sheet metal should have hoisting equipment in place. And, while this equipment can be expensive, it's very worthwhile since it reduces working time. Even more importantly, it reduces the risk of injury to workers. Strained muscles and other injuries are common when workers are forced to lift large pieces of sheet metal on their own.


Thus, if no hoisting equipment is present, suggest that it be implemented. And, if such equipment is available, make sure you take advantage of it. Never attempt to lift on your own when you can use hoisting equipment instead.




As mentioned, wearing gloves is necessary for safety while working with sheet metal. However, another piece of safety equipment you should invest in is safety goggles.


Get high-quality goggles that are suitable to your specific application. These are especially important for those who are bending sheet metal, since flying particles are often common in this type of job and can easily lead to eye injury.


Make sure any goggles you choose cover the entire eye area, including the sides of the eyes, and that they can withstand the temperatures or other conditions you will be subjected to as you work.




Burns are another risk to be careful of when dealing with sheet metal. This type of metal is very conductive to heat and will pick it up easily in warm conditions. Thus, be aware that sheet metal may be very hot to the touch and never touch it bare-handed.


Also, avoid leaning against sheet metal, and always wear long-sleeved protective gear to avoid accidental contact and resulting burns as you work.


Yes, sheet metal has its share of risks. However, working with it can be very rewarding and can help you to get a lot of different jobs done efficiently. Follow these safety tips and use caution in general, and you should have little to worry about. To learn more about how to be safe around sheet metal, contact J&E Metal Fabricators, Inc.


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