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Admin • Mar 02, 2021
Metal Pattern — Metuchen, NJ — J & E Metal Fabricators

 As a manufacturer of products made of sheet metal, you design and create machines, parts, and structures for use in many industries. Some of these industries include aerospace, medical, electronic, telecommunication, transportation, and the military.


Most industrial sheet metal designs are made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, or brass. To fabricate products from these metals, you employ many processes including cutting, bending, forming, assembling, and welding.


Finishing your sheet metal products is another important aspect of fabrication. An appropriate finishing process can protect your sheet metal product while it is in use, allow it to operate without problems, and extend the life of the product.


Here are four processes that you can use to protect and finish your sheet metal products.




The process of silk screening has many advantages when used to finish sheet metal products. Silk screening is very precise and allows you to print intricate designs and texts. For instance, you can print identification labels, instructions, legal information, and your company logo. These texts and graphics can be printed in any size and in full color.




Another method of finishing sheet metal products is painting. Once fabrication is complete, you can spray or brush a flat metal primer on your products to smooth the texture of the sheet metal and prepare them to be painted.


When the primer is dry, paint the sheet metal surface with one or two coats of a rust-preventative enamel, such as latex enamel. This coating will completely seal the sheet metal to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the underlying metal.


This process creates a very long-lasting finish. After painting your products and letting them dry completely, you can also silkscreen your signage and graphics on top of the painted surfaces.




Metal plating is another finishing method that can protect your sheet metal products and change their surface. Plating is a process that bonds a thin layer of another metal on top of your sheet metal surface.


Some sheet metal plating is done by electroplating. This method uses electrical current to bond a deposited metal to the surface of your sheet metal. Another plating method is done chemically and is called electroless plating.


Both plating methods are used to inhibit rust and corrosion of the metal, prepare the sheet metal to be welded, harden the sheet metal, reduce surface friction, alter electrical conductivity, and even add decoration.




The process of powder coating sheet metal involves applying electrically charged metal particles to the surface of a sheet metal product. This powder is then cured with heat to form a skin that is stronger than conventional paint.


Powder coating does not have a liquid component so you can apply it in a thicker coating and produce a thicker finish without it sagging or running like paint.


One advantage of powder coating is that heat curing of the powder is faster than the drying time of paint. Another advantage is that both horizontal and vertical surfaces can be applied at the same time with no difference in appearance.


Each of the above finishing methods has their own advantages. Choose the finishing process that is best for your sheet metal design, size, shape, and desired surface finish.


To finish your sheet metal products in one or more of the above processes, contact us at  J&E Metal Fabricators, Inc. In addition to finishing your products, we can help you to design them as well as laser cut, punch, form, and weld them. We have 40 years of metal fabrication expertise and can create and finish your sheet metal products to your exact design specifications.

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