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Admin • Mar 02, 2021
Welders with Protective Equipment — Metuchen, NJ — J & E Metal Fabricators


Whether you're making a new type of duct or need custom fittings for your line of computer cases, you need to start at the design phase. You can do your business a world of good by outsourcing your designs to a professional sheet metal fabricator. Here is why outsourcing at the design phase can make the most sense.



A professional sheet metal fabrication shop will know how to turn your design or idea into a reality. The technicians and engineers will have the experience and knowledge necessary to start the process from your drawings, blueprints, or notes.


A benefit of knowledgeable service is the speed at which professionals can take your design from concept to prototype, and beyond. You can spend a lot of time and money building an in-house team just to get the design part right.


For example, you will have to use resources to find suitable candidates and vet them. You will have to pay and support your team whether they're making gains on your design plans or not.


Once you hammer out the design elements, you will have to find further assistance to turn the design into something real. Instead, collaborate with a sheet metal fabricator who already has the team, skills, and equipment necessary.



A reputable metal fabrication shop will be specifically dedicated to your fabrication needs. Even if you have your own group of craftspeople, you can use the fabrication service to take some of the burden off your staff.


A dedicated staff also means a high level of concentrated productivity. Often, the fabrication is only one part of a larger project. Partnering with a professional sheet metal fabricator will free you up to concentrate on other aspects of your business or overall design.



Modern sheet metal fabrication shops have access to industry tools and equipment necessary to realize a project quickly while limiting errors. For example, today's metal fabricator will have access to laser cutting tools and advanced computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities.


A good fabricator will have facilities that can handle the volume of work you need it to handle quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The equipment will help bring a design to life that much faster and give you some lead time. You will have more time to test and fine-tune your design before going into production.


Should you want to continue into production, the facility should have the ability to accommodate this as well. In this way, you will put your fabrication budget to excellent use while also meeting deadlines faster than you probably thought possible.



Some businesses only need fabrications that fit known and established design specs. A professional sheet metal fabricator can handle such orders easily. However, you may have a design that requires a custom approach.


Custom projects often require a lot of trial and error. The more the design strays from the norm, the more you will need to get things right from the very start. The more complicated a design, the more you need an expert opinion on its viability.



A professional sheet metal fabricator isn't just a service. You should consider the fabricator a partner for your business. Once you start working with a good sheet metal fabricator, you will come to see how that partnership can benefit your business now and in the future.


Outsourcing the design phase is only the beginning. Working closely with your fabricator can turn a design idea into something that exceeds your expectations. At J&E Metal Fabricators, Inc., we have the tools, expertise, and insight to make your design a success. Contact us today for more information.

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