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Admin • Mar 02, 2021
Rolled Metal Sheets — Metuchen, NJ — J & E Metal Fabricators


Components made from sheet metal are integral to the construction and successful operation of many products. You could manufacture sheet metal products in-house, but doing so would be a waste of valuable time and resources.


Instead, consider outsourcing your sheet metal design to a company that specializes in metal fabrication. A dedicated metal fabrication company will have the tools and experienced personnel needed to create sheet metal components that meet your exact design specifications with ease. Read on to see the benefits of outsourcing.




Anytime that you rely on human beings to create your product models and detailed drawings of each sheet metal component, the risk of human error exists. Even the slightest oversight during the design phase could result in the fabrication of components that don't meet your company's strict tolerances.


One of the most valuable assets that you will enjoy when you partner with a reputable sheet metal fabricator is access to a CAD software program. This type of software program allows for more accurate 3D modeling and the production of high-quality product design sketches that will reduce the risk of error when the time to assemble your sheet metal components comes.


Leave the planning and design to a CAD software program. The software will significantly reduce the potential for human error that might have a negative effect on the quality of your fabricated components over time.




Another significant benefit that working with a dedicated fabrication shop can offer is a decrease in production time. CAD software programs have the unique ability to remove the duplication of labor by identifying any parts of a design that are similar to past designs that have been saved within the program.


The coding from these similar designs is copied over automatically, requiring a fabrication specialist to make only a few simple changes to customize the design to your unique needs instead of creating an entirely new design from scratch. The reduction in labor duplication decreases the amount of time required to complete the design phase and begin production.


A decrease in production time usually means a decrease in cost, so you could find that partnering with a fabrication specialist will make your company more profitable.




The actual fabrication of your custom parts will be completed based on the drawing generated during the design phase. You could have an in-house employee create a drawing that will be used as a production template, but doing so would likely compromise the accuracy of each fabricated sheet metal component.


A dedicated fabrication shop can use a CAD software program to generate a high-quality drawing that will show the exact specifications of your component. The software program has the ability to communicate directly with laser cutting tools and other advanced tools used in metal fabrication to eliminate any translation errors.


If an experienced fabricator will complete the production process manually, a high-quality drawing will ensure that the design of your component is easily understood. Better drawing quality can significantly reduce production errors by ensuring all parties working on your metal components are working from an accurate and detailed drawing.


Outsourcing your sheet metal design and fabrication can be a great way to improve the accuracy of the finished products that your company sells.


Shops that specialize in metal fabrication are able to utilize advanced software programs and cutting-edge tools to generate a detailed drawing of your component, which will reduce human error and production time. An in-house fabrication team is typically not capable of matching these results.


Contact J&E Metal Fabricators, Inc. to discuss how we can help improve your product accuracy in the future.


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